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Private swingers parties are  the gateway to a fun filled night of sexual pleasure

If you live in Belfast and love swinging then you probably know all about Private Swingers Parties, if you’re a new couple who is interested in trying swinging then you really need to try out Belfast Swingers her you can mingle with thousands of swingers who are fun and friendly people with a care free attitude to sex, of cause swinging by nature is the pursuit of sexual happiness where couples and singles break free from monogamous relationships by attending Private swingers parties, these are always’ loads of fun and a great way to meet other local swingers in Belfast as well as any swingers visiting our fair city, Belfast swingers gives you the chance to join our social network of swingers who are always organising Private swingers parties, finding events and parties to attend is easy with our FREE mapping tool, this helps you keep an eye on what Private swingers parties and events our members have planes so you can obtain an invite.

Private swingers parties are a fun and fantastic ways for couples to indulge all their fantasies, after all swinging is an activity centred around couples who are sexually free and like to share their partners with others who share their beliefs, now there are a few rules that we suggest you follow, always attend Private swingers parties as a couple and stick together, if either of you are unsure about swinging then before taking the plunge please talk to one another to alleviate any concerns you might have, just because you enter a swingers party doesn’t mean you have to get naked and join in, swingers party venue’s usually have lots of different rooms where different activities take place, there are always a reception area where swingers meet and mingle have a drink and a bit to eat and relax soaking up the atmosphere until they are ready to play, if you find your not ready then that’s fine no one expects you to do anything your not sure about, always be punctual turning up after the action has started is a bit of a turn off for experienced and newbies alike, always check out our swingers social network to find out who will be attending so you can chat to them before hand to find out if you have the same sexual desires which saves time when you arrive at the Private swingers party.

Always be courteous and show respect to all other party goers, treat people the way you would like to be treated, take a gift this might be as simple as a bottle of wine and is a sure way of getting more invites, always follow the dress code as your going to feel offended if you turn up in unsuitable clothes and get turned away. Hygiene and Grooming are very important, no one likes swingers with bad breath or BO and trim your body hair men and women, remember NO means NO so don’t be pushy and respect your partner, Private swingers parties are fun and friendly places so be open to every one and make new friends this way you will be guaranteed of a really good time.

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